Clean House

Silverado Cleaning Service

Our specialty is House Cleaning Services, we can clean the Living Room, Bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Landscape. And then, we offer Move-In and Move-Out cleaning Services. Finally, we provide cleaning services for Tasting Rooms. We offer our services in Napa and neighboring cities, such as Yountville, St. Helena, Calistoga, and Angwin.

Living Room/Family Room(s)
Vacuum carpet/rugs/hallways, Vacuum furniture, Sweep/Mop Floor, Pick up Clutter, Dust, Wipe inside of windows, Remove Chimney ashes
Make bed, Change bed linens, Sweep/Mop Floor, Vacuum carpet, Dust, Clean clutter, Wipe down mirror(s), Wipe inside of windows
Sweep/Mop Floor, Clean Stove top and oven, Clean inside/outside of microwave, Hand wash dishes, Clean dishwasher, Clean Refrigerator, Scrub sink, Wipe off kitchen table, Wipe down chairs, Wipe off kitchen counters, Wipe down outside of all cabinets, Wipe down outside of all appliances, Take out trash/recycling
Clean toilet, Scrub bathtub/shower stall, Wipe down shower curtains/doors, Scrub Sink, Clean Counters, Wipe down outside of cabinets, Sweep/Mop Floor, Wipe down mirror(s), Take out trash
Tasting Room
Sweep/Mop floor, Vacuum carpet, Wipe down Bar Counter, Wipe down mirror(s), Dust, Wipe down Tables/Chairs/Bar stools, Take out trash
Water Plants, Sweep Patio/Deck/Porch, Wipe down Patio Furniture, Take out Trash/Recycling, Landscape Maintenance